Courses & Gatherings

PathwayConnect Courses

What courses do I take during PathwayConnect?

Which institute courses do 18- to 30-year-old PathwayConnect students take each semester during PathwayConnect?

What day do my PathwayConnect courses begin?

Can students age 31+ take institute courses?

Can I substitute credits from other schools or universities to replace PathwayConnect courses?

Is tutoring available?

Can I take more than the required 5 credits per semester?

Can I retake a PathwayConnect course?

If my institute is teaching a course that I have already taken previously for credit, am I required to take the course again because I’m in PathwayConnect?


Assignments & Grades

Whom do I contact for help or issues with my online courses?

What happens if I fail a class?



How do I completely withdraw from PathwayConnect?

I want to drop one of my PathwayConnect courses but keep the other one. Can I do that?



What can I do if I have a complaint about my instructor?



Am I required to go to the PathwayConnect gatherings?

Can I miss a gathering?

What do I do if my gathering is cancelled?

If I am traveling, can I attend a PathwayConnect gathering in the area I am visiting and receive attendance credit?

I want to learn more about PathwayConnect by visiting a PathwayConnect gathering. What do I need to do?

I’m moving; how do I change to a different PathwayConnect site?