How much is tuition?

Online Certificates & Degrees

There are two tuition rates for BYU-Pathway's certificate and degree programs.

  • PathwayConnect: Students who completed PathwayConnect continue to pay the PathwayConnect tuition rate (based on a student's country).

  • Standard: Students who did not participate in or complete PathwayConnect pay the standard tuition rate of $125 per credit. (This tuition rate is for members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. For individuals who are not members of the Church a fee of 25% of the base tuition will be added).

BYU-Idaho Campus

  • All students who attend BYU-Idaho on campus, including students who completed PathwayConnect, will pay the regular campus tuition rate. Students should also plan for textbook and course materials costs.

Will I Have To Buy Textbooks?


  • No, PathwayConnect does not require the purchase of textbooks.

Online Certificates & Degrees

  • Completed PathwayConnect

    • Yes, for students who pay more than $46 per credit for PathwayConnect tuition, additional charges for textbooks and additional course fees may be required. Students can purchase textbooks through the University Store or other online retailers.

    • Students whose tuition costs $46 or less per credit will pay a flat-rate cost that equals ten percent of the student's total tuition for the semester. This cost covers all textbooks and course materials. For more information on this flat-rate cost, click here.

  • Standard (did not complete PathwayConnect)

    • Yes. Students can purchase textbooks through the University Store or other online retailers.

How do I pay my tuition?


  • To pay PathwayConnect tuition, students should do the following:

    1. Go to and sign in (top right corner).
    2. In your student portal, click the “Finances” menu at the top of the screen, and select “Make a Payment.”
    3. Indicate the amount to pay, and select your payment method. Users will be taken to a new web page to finalize payment.

Online Certificates & Degrees

  • Students can pay tuition by logging into and selecting the “Payments” icon. In the Personal Account Summary box, click on “MAKE PAYMENT.” In the “Your Account” box click on “MAKE PAYMENT” and proceed from there.

When is tuition due?

Tuition is due by the first day of each semester. A one-time 5 percent late fee will be applied to any outstanding balance not paid within seven days of the first day of class.

What happens if I pay late?

A one-time 5 percent late fee will be applied to any outstanding balance not paid within seven days of the first day of class. Additionally, students who do not pay their current balance by the end of the semester will not be permitted to enroll in future semesters.

What if I can't pay my tuition?


  • If payment is not made by the end of the semester, students will be withdrawn from PathwayConnect and will be unable to continue the program. To rejoin PathwayConnect, students must first pay the outstanding balance, including late fees, and then reapply to the program.

Online Certificates & Degrees

  • Students cannot receive their transcripts, diploma, or register for additional classes until their debt is paid in full. Students may set up a payment plan.

Does BYU-Pathway Worldwide offer payment plans?


  • No, PathwayConnect does not offer payment plans. However, students may choose to pay in installments, as long as their current balance is paid by the tuition payment deadline.

Online Certificates & Degrees

  • Students with past due charges can set up a payment plan. Even with a payment plan, students cannot register for classes until the debt is paid in full and the holds are removed.

Can I pay for the entire year of PathwayConnect upfront?

No, PathwayConnect does not offer an option to pay for all three semesters upfront. Tuition is paid on a semester-by-semester basis.

Does Getting A Certificate And/Or Associate Degree Cost More Than A Bachelor’s Degree Alone?

No, the credits required for a certificate or associate degree can all contribute toward a bachelor’s degree.

Financial Aid

Is Financial Aid Available?


  • United States

    PathwayConnect students in the United States do not qualify for U.S. federal financial aid because PathwayConnect is not a degree-granting program. PathwayConnect students also do not qualify for BYU-Idaho scholarships. Students are encouraged to search for private scholarships if they need financial assistance.

    U.S. students who have a high school diploma or equivalent are eligible to apply for U.S. federal financial aid if they enter a degree-seeking program after PathwayConnect.

  • Other Countries

    PathwayConnect students do not qualify for BYU-Idaho scholarships. PathwayConnect students outside the United States may consider searching for private scholarships as a possible option to gain financial assistance.

Online Certificates & Degrees

  • Students in a degree-seeking program may qualify for financial aid.


What Is Your Tuition Refund Policy?


  • Students who withdraw from PathwayConnect before the payment deadline will receive a full refund. Students who withdraw after the first week of classes and before 60 percent of the semester has passed will receive a pro-rated refund. BYU-Pathway Worldwide calculates the percentage refunded based on when the student withdraws from PathwayConnect. No refund will be issued after 60 percent of a semester has passed. In addition, PathwayConnect reserves the right to not grant a refund to a student who is suspended or expelled.

Online Certificates & Degrees



Will My Participation In BYU-Pathway Worldwide Affect The Taxes I Pay?

Possibly. Each country has a separate set of laws. As a result of a student's participation, taxes or other payments may be owed to his/her local government. It is each student's responsibility to understand those laws and comply.