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Annual Report

New and Noteworthy
In 2022, BYU-Pathway participated in the inauguration of a new president and introduced new resources to improve the student experience
He Shall Prepare a Way
Like Nephi, Alexander Willis knew that God would prepare a way for him to succeed, and now he’s helping others find the joys of education
Hearts Knit Together
BYU-Pathway is bringing together students of faith from around the world
Lifting Our Slope to Christ
Regardless of where they start their journey, BYU-Pathway helps students lift their sights to a brighter future
Accomplishing a Great Work
Through the Heber J. Grant Scholarship, thousands of students have been given new hope
New and Noteworthy
In 2021, BYU-Pathway Worldwide welcomed a new president and developed more efficient ways to improve the student experience
A Miracle to Behold
BYU-Pathway Worldwide’s integration of secular and spiritual learning is building disciple leaders. Learn about the miracles that are transforming lives and hastening the Lord’s work — one student at a time
Prepared and Guided by the Lord
In any report about the year 2020, it would make sense to focus on the challenges the world collectively faced. As I reflect on this past year, however, it is the blessings that stand out to me. The Lord has been preparing BYU-Pathway Worldwide for many years to continue to serve and provide hope to His children even in — or especially in — tumultuous times.
Providing More Than Education
BYU-Pathway Worldwide served more than 50,000 students across the globe in 2020. Each number in that record-setting total represents an individual with unique experiences, talents, and needs — many of whom have been yearning for new opportunities and praying for miracles.
Finding Help and Hope
“I never thought I would say it, but I am grateful for the journey of depression, for what it has taught me about compassion and empathy."