Associate of Applied Science
Marriage and Family Studies
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The associate degree in marriage and family studies will build upon the development of skills obtained during a student’s first certificate. Students will also deepen understanding of both research and theory pertaining to healthy marriage and family functioning. They will also have an advanced understanding of family functioning and demonstrate communication, writing, and research skills.

This degree is developed and granted by BYU-Idaho, with support and resources from BYU-Pathway Worldwide.

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Essential Knowledge and Skills


  • Demonstrate effective communication skills.
  • Create practical plans for improving marital and family functioning.
  • Synthesize relevant research findings pertaining to marriage and family studies.
  • Effectively advocate for and "promote...measures designed to maintain and strengthen the family as a fundamental unit of society."
  • Demonstrate leadership qualities consistent with the gospel of Jesus Christ.
Associate of Applied Science of Marriage and Family Studies
Program Requirements
Complete two certificates as described below, plus additional requirements.
Complete the following certificate:
15 Credits
Complete the following certificate:
15 Credits
After an associate degree students may continue and earn a bachelor's degree in marriage and family studies. This will require students to earn a third (advanced) certificate, as well as additional degree requirements.
To complete an associate degree, the following courses are required in addition to the certificates stated above:
Complete the following additional requirements:
General Education Courses
18 credits
Approximately 9 credits
Previously earned course credits from PathwayConnect and/or other colleges and universities will be evaluated after a student is admitted and submits valid transcripts.
Looking Ahead
Potential Employment
When seeking employment, consider job listings for:

  • Social and human service assistant
  • Juvenile services
  • Childcare worker/teacher
  • Psychiatric technician
  • Case aide
  • Personal care aide

Or, consider searching for jobs in other areas listed with specific skills such as communication, problem solving, innovation, and customer service.

Why choose this degree?

The associate degree in marriage and family studies places a significant emphasis on the development of employable skills, such as effective communication, professional writing, synthesizing research, basic data analysis, problem-solving, conflict resolution, and persuasive speaking and writing. These skills can help students obtain employment in a variety of work settings, including but not limited to human services. In addition, these skills also help students develop strong family and other interpersonal relationships. This degree will provide students with an advanced understanding of family systems and relationships.

BYU-Pathway has found that certain combinations of certificates lead to better job opportunities. Most degrees have a recommended plan of certificates that will help students increase their income and improve their employment possibilities.