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General Education

In addition to courses for certificates and electives, students will take a number of general education courses to complete their associate and bachelor’s degrees. General education courses are designed to provide breadth and depth to the education experience.

Through general education, students develop the ability to think critically, to read and write, to reason quantitatively and scientifically, to manage ambiguity, to collaborate, and to progress as disciples of Jesus Christ.

General Education

Breadth and Depth

General education courses center around the topics of religion, writing, quantitative reasoning, and college success. As students continue on to their bachelor’s degree, they also choose from courses related to natural science, arts and humanities, and social science.

General Education


Students pursuing an associate degree are required to complete 18 credits of general education. For a bachelor’s degree, students complete 38-39 credits of general education.

General Education Course Requirements for Online Students
Course CodeCourse Name# of Credits
GE 103Online University Skills1
MATH 108XMathematical Tools for the Real World3
ENG 150Writing and Reasoning Foundations3
ENG 301 or

BUS 301
Advanced Writing and Research

Advanced Writing in Professional Context

Associate of Applied Science general education requirements plus five courses from the following:

Natural Science (2 Courses)

Course CodeCourse Name# of Credits
GESCI 101From Atoms to Humans3
GESCI 201Natural Disasters3
NUTR 150Essentials of Human Nutrition3
GESCI 203Environmental Stewardship3
GESCI 205DNA: Genetic Identity, Disease and Design3
GEOL 111Physical Geology3
CHEM 101Introductory General Chemistry3

Arts and Humanities (1 Course)

Course CodeCourse Name# of Credits
HUM 110Introduction to the Humanities3

Social Science (2 Courses)

Course CodeCourse Name# of Credits
GEINT 211Global Hotspot: Pakistan3
PSYCH 111General Psychology3
SOC 111Introduction to Sociology3
GECIV 101American Heritage3
ECON 150Economic Principles and Problems-Micro3
ECON 151Economic Principles and Problems-Macro3
CHILD 210Child Development3
FAML 160Family Relations3
POLSC 110American Government3
POLSC 150Introduction to Comparative Politics3
Associate of Applied Science (4 REL Courses)
Students must complete two cornerstone courses but are encouraged to complete all four cornerstone courses.

Bachelor’s of Science (7 REL Courses)
Students must complete all four cornerstone courses plus three additional courses.

Cornerstone Courses

Course CodeCourse Name# of Credits
REL 200CThe Eternal Family2
REL 225CFoundations of the Restoration2
REL 250CJesus Christ and the Everlasting Gospel2
REL 275CTeaching and Doctrine of the Book Of Mormon2

Additional Online REL Courses

Course CodeCourse Name# of Credits
REL 121Book of Mormon2
REL 122Book of Mormon2
REL 130Missionary Preparation2
REL 211New Testament2
REL 212New Testament2
REL 261Introduction to Family History2
REL 301Old Testament2
REL 302Old Testament2
REL 324Doctrine and Covenants2
REL 325Doctrine and Covenants2
REL 333Teachings of the Living Prophets2

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BYU-Pathway degree programs (offered in partnership with and granted from BYU-Idaho) are made up of a series of certificates, general and religious education courses, and electives.

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Students who complete an associate degree in family history research may continue on and earn a bachelor's degree in Professional Studies.