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Need help planning your degree program? Advisors can help with course planning, graduation review, course substitution questions, and more. PathwayConnect students seeking help planning for a future degree can receive limited advising. 1
Advisors are happy to help PathwayConnect students planning to enroll in an online-degree program. However, until PathwayConnect students are officially accepted into the online-degree program, advisors are limited in the information they can provide regarding transcripts, transfer credits, and specific class planning. For questions on how to apply to an online-degree program, visit our after PathwayConnect admissions page .

Course Planning

An advisor can help you know what courses to take, how to setup your schedule, declare or pick a major, and ensure that you are meeting all university requirements.

What courses should I register for?

What is my degree audit?

What online degrees are available?

How do I change my major?

What happens if I change my major or certificate?

How do I use a graduation planning tool?

Qualify for Aid

Degree-seeking students who are citizens of the United States may be eligible for U.S. federal student aid. Only courses directly related to a student's declared program/major will be eligible for federal financial aid. See the student portal or financial aid for more information.

    Pathway Graduates - July 2019
    A student is eligible to graduate from BYU-Idaho or Ensign College once they have completed all their university and program requirements.

    Apply for Graduation

    • Students can fill out the graduation application in their portal up to one semester in advance of their actual graduation.
    • Students may walk at graduation either one semester before or one semester after they graduate, if needed.
    • Students will not be given their diplomas until final grades have been posted. The diploma will arrive in the mail six to eight weeks after the semester is officially over.

    Course Exceptions

    Course Authorizations
    When a student is not able to register for a course they need, typically a course authorization is needed. A student must meet the prerequisites for a course before they can qualify for a course authorization. If you would like to know if you qualify for a course authorization, please submit the course authorization form .

    Course Substitutions
    Course substitutions are when students use another course from a different institution to count for a BYU-Idaho or Ensign College course. Advising is not the decision maker in this process, but you can fill out the course substitution form to see if your course qualifies to replace a BYU-Idaho or Ensign College course. The individual academic departments will decided if a course is equivalent or not.

    Consult with an Advisor
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