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General Education

Every student takes general education courses to complete their associate and bachelor’s degrees. General education courses are designed to provide breadth and depth to the education experience.

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Breadth and Depth

General education courses center around the topics of religion, writing, quantitative reasoning, and college success. As students continue on to their bachelor’s degree, they also choose from courses related to natural science, arts and humanities, and social science.


Once enrolled in a degree program, students can choose from a variety of general education courses. Students pursuing an associate degree are required to complete 18 credits of general education. For a bachelor’s degree, students complete 38-39 credits of general education. Each degree includes a list of recommended general education courses.

Build your degree

Degree programs are made up of a series of certificates, general and religious education courses, and electives.

Use the following tool to explore recommended degree plans and view descriptions for individual certificates and degrees.

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  • Applied Business Management
  • Applied Health
  • Applied Technology
  • Family History Research
  • Marriage & Family Studies
  • Professional Studies






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General Education and Elective Courses

Bachelor's of Professional Studies

Students who complete an associate degree in family history research may continue on and earn a bachelor's degree in Professional Studies.