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Where can I get help applying to the online degree program?
Here are a few resources that may help you apply to an online degree program:
How do I register for courses?


  • Students entering their first semester of PathwayConnect are automatically registered for their courses when they accept their offer of admission. Students entering their second and third semesters register for their courses by signing in at . During the course registration period each semester, students will see an item in their "To Do" list prompting them to enroll in next semester's courses. Students can click the link and follow the directions provided.

Online Certificates & Degrees

  • After students have been admitted to the online degree program, and once any previous college transcripts have been evaluated, they may contact BYU-Pathway Support for help with planning their classes.
Can I retake a PathwayConnect Course?
Yes. For detailed information, see Section 3.4 of the BYU-Pathway Handbook.
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  • Certificates and Degrees
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