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    Students deepen testimonies through gospel-based curriculum
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    Students gain hope that they can learn and provide for their families
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    Courses cost significantly less than other schools

Hope. Confidence. Self-reliance. Leadership. These are attributes students can expect to gain through BYU-Pathway Worldwide. But perhaps most important, students deepen their discipleship as they participate in gospel-based learning through BYU-Pathway’s academic and religious education.


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Students’ testimonies will grow as they enjoy the fellowship of other students and participate in courses taught within the framework of the gospel of Jesus Christ. In addition, all Church members are eligible to enroll in PathwayConnect, even those who are not currently living gospel standards. In addition, individuals who are not members of the Church may also enroll if they have a close connection with the Church.

Students build confidence in a supportive environment and are encouraged to take stewardship of their own learning through a process of preparation, peer teaching, and reflection and application. They can then go forward in faith, believing they are capable of achieving their goals.

Students gain professional skills, learn doctrines, and strengthen values that will enable them to gain meaningful employment as well as be better parents, providers, citizens, and Church members.

I’ve never seen anything this powerful in bringing into activity young adults who have wandered away.
Stanford Demars, Former Stake President | Providence, Rhode Island
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