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Pathway - Elizabeth Cameron
Pathway - Elizabeth Cameron
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    Reduced Cost
    Earn your degree at a reduced cost
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    Online courses that fit around your schedule
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    Learn with help from the Holy Spirit

What is PathwayConnect?

The best start to your degree

PathwayConnect is the recommended start to every degree. Offered at a significantly reduced cost, it lasts less than a year and includes foundational academic and religion courses — completely online — that help students see increased success. No ACT/SAT required for admission!

Every course you take during PathwayConnect is part of your degree. Choose from degrees in business, technology, health, and other fields.

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Building a foundation
PathwayConnect courses teach foundational academic and religious education that will help you gain confidence and succeed in your degree program and in life. Perhaps most importantly, you will come closer to God as you participate in BYU-Pathway's gospel-based curriculum.


More than just courses

In addition to taking academic and religion courses, students gather once a week with one another. These gatherings occur virtually through online groups or at local church facilities where you participate in educational and leadership activities related to your courses, build lifelong friendships, and deepen testimonies of Jesus Christ.

Certificates & Degrees

Keeping your cost low

All courses in PathwayConnect are part of your degree program. But one of the best parts about starting your degree with PathwayConnect is that you will pay a reduced cost for your entire degree program!

It's opened up more opportunities for me that I couldn't have even imagined.
Paige Keene
BYU-Pathway Student | Utah, USA
Continue education and/or improve employment
Increased testimony of their Savior