Meet Your Peer Mentor
Meet Your Peer Mentor
Meet Your Peer Mentor
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The power of your peers

Nobody knows the BYU-Pathway experience better than our current students. They can empathize with your situation, provide you with guidance to become successful, and help you find and use resources you didn’t even know existed.

Each of our nearly 500 peer mentors are united in their belief that as followers of Jesus Christ we are meant to support one another and encourage each other’s success, creating a stronger community and network.

Your peer mentor is...

  • A designated support agent for all questions
  • A resource for finding inspiration and new opportunities
  • A guide for helping smooth your transition
  • A friend who will help you set goals and stay motivated
I almost dropped out of school this year. But after a conversation with my peer mentor, I changed my mind. They are someone who is by your side to support you and cheer for your success.
Quote from BYU-Pathway Worldwide student Alexandra on the incredible influence her peer mentor had on her life.
Alexandra Maria Rodrigues Cardoso
Connecting with your peer mentor African American Man Smiling

You are not alone

Help is within reach

We understand. Becoming a student, on top of your other demands, is not easy. But, you are never alone. Peer mentors come from a variety of backgrounds and they know what it’s like to take on this new journey. Ultimately, they’re here to help you succeed.

Contacting your peer mentor

  1. Click the "Need help?" or Support chat messenger at the bottom of this page to connect with our digital assistant.
  2. Type "Who is my peer mentor?" into the chat.
  3. Sign in using your student credentials and your peer mentor's information will automatically appear.

Common Questions

What is a peer mentor?
A peer mentor is a student’s designated support agent and mentor. Peer mentors are BYU-Pathway students themselves, which helps them share a deep understanding of the student experience. Students in the same gathering group are often supported by the same peer mentor.
What can my peer mentor help with?
Peer mentors are trained to help with general questions about your courses, registration, advising, online degree application, technical issues, and more. They can also provide mentorship as you progress along your educational journey.

Please contact your instructor with specific questions about course assignments, and contact your service missionary(ies) with questions about your gathering.

Do all students have peer mentors?
Enrolled students
Every enrolled BYU-Pathway student is assigned a peer mentor, including students actively participating in PathwayConnect and online degree programs from BYU-Idaho and Ensign College, serviced by BYU-Pathway.

Not-enrolled students
Students who have never enrolled or who were previously enrolled in courses will not have an assigned peer mentor yet. These students should contact BYU-Pathway Support for help.
How do I contact my assigned peer mentor?
You can find the name and contact information of your assigned peer mentor in three easy steps:
  1. Select the "Need help?" or Support chat messenger at the bottom of this page or within your BYU-Pathway Portal to connect with our digital assistant.
  2. Type “Who is my peer mentor?” into the chat.
  3. Sign in using your student credentials.

The digital assistant will automatically reply with your peer mentor’s name and contact information (email, Facebook profile, and WhatsApp).

At the beginning of each term, peer mentors will also introduce themselves to their assigned students. You can share your preferred contact method with your peer mentor for future communication.
What if my peer mentor doesn’t respond?
Please give your peer mentor 24 hours to respond to your question. If you do not hear back, log in to your BYU-Pathway Portal and submit a concern using the “Peer Mentor Problem?” card under “Resources.”
I encourage you to use and talk to your peer mentor because they are eager to help. I promise you their one goal is to help you succeed.
Sulieti Tau'ataina
Peer Mentor from Tonga