Which Program is Right for Me?
> ... Which Program is Right for Me?
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BYU-Pathway Worldwide offers more than one way to get started on your degree. Use this tool to see which starting point might be best for you.

Based on your responses, we recommend that you start with PathwayConnect.

PathwayConnect offers the following benefits:

  • Lowest cost of all BYU-Pathway programs
  • Builds confidence in a supportive setting
  • Helps students adjust to taking online university courses
  • All courses count toward a degree
  • No cost to apply, no worthiness interview, and no standardized test scores to submit

However, you are welcome to consider skipping PathwayConnect if you feel you are academically and financially prepared to start immediately into your degree program without the additional resources provided through PathwayConnect.

Based on your responses, you might consider starting directly into an online degree program (bypassing PathwayConnect).

This option is typically best for students who have taken university courses recently and are confident in their ability to succeed in a university degree program.

However, you are also welcome to consider starting with PathwayConnect, which is offered at a reduced cost and helps students prepare fully for university studies.